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Dust Control

PM10 and PM2.5 have become a prevalent part of the construction industry, spawning the need for a more focused plan for dust control.  We all know that dust control is an inherent risk when the native crust of any area is broken.  Our business is recreating this crust with an assortment of environmentally friendly applications.   SWR Construction has used numerous products to control dust.  These products will vary depending on the need in both traffic areas and non-traffic areas.  Earth-Poly is a proprietary product that is manufactured specifically as a topical application for dust control and traffic rated applications based on engineered application rates.


There are a large number of dust control products that are used in different situations and on a number of different soil conditions.  SWR Construction is expert in the applications of dust control and can be a great partner and service provider for any products you may need.




Traffic Rated

Earth-Poly can be incorporated into the top layer of the roadway base to create a base strong enough to meet most engineered paved sub surfaces.   Polymers can also be applied topically with surfactants to create a less stable but affective roadway.


Earth-Chlor road binder is an economical product available for high traffic soil stabilization and dust control.  This product is surface applied and penetrates with the right application of surfactants to give you a 2 to 3” road base.   The hydroscopic properties of this product attract moisture from the atmosphere and ground.  It then is retained in the surface of the road base, creating a very compact and stable surface.







  • Unpaved Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Haul Roads
  • Storage Yards
  • Road Shoulders






View of a traffic application disturbed by a large steel tracked excavator. Earth Poly can be used for temporary dust control (capping) and drivable applications that create a strong sub-base.






Non-Traffic Rated

Earth-Poly can be used for surface applications and can be applied to disturbed areas of a site to control dust and sediment for up to one year.  The application rates can also be reduced to accommodate cost and time needs for differing application needs.


SWR Construction has a variety of dust control products that reduce the frequency and volume of water applications.  Some products can last as long as two years, but each site will need a custom solution to meet your timing and cost needs.








Mitigation Fencing

Environmental mitigation fencing has become a large part of our business as the projects have encroached further into the natural habitat of the desert tortoise, kit fox and various other rare and endangered species.  We have worked tirelessly to establish the best and most cost effective sources for international fence supplies, and with the appropriate lead time we can almost guarantee that we can beat all other competitor prices.  With seasoned fencing crew leads, we can tackle any size fencing project that you may have.  Our personnel are accomplished at working in remote areas.  The design of the fence will be specified by the project engineer.









  • Tailings
  • Solar Pads
  • Stockpiles
  • Building Pads






Tortoise Mitigation Fencing - mandatory on most Mojave solar projects.






Plant Fencing

SWR Construction, Earth-guard plant mitigation fencing is critical for the survivorship of pole plantings to habitat vegetation.  Corrugated plant guards will allow the newly planted vegetation time to root and establish.  These custom made guards can be installed to protect from deer and other wildlife feedings.  These three sided easily assembled guards can be made with project labeling and installed with wooden or metal posts to stabilize and protect projects important re-vegetation.







SWR is also a licensed to install chain-link security fencing.







Chainlink Fencing

SWR is also a licensed to install guardrail and has installed on numerous military bases.







Guardrailing Fencing

Every construction project creates some residual destruction, scaring or new construction.  In the southwest most rock surfaces carry hundreds or thousands of years of desert patina that has enhanced the natural color of lighter rocks into the darker earth tones of the modern desert.  Natural Patina has the ability to recreate the rock coloration that took nature decades to, in 7-10 days.  New construction activities are a prime candidate for the natural mineral application of Native Patina.  With an application of Natural Patina, a fresh rock cut surface can be transformed into a seemingly untouched landscape of natural desert earth tones to match preexisting natural conditions.


Natural Patina is sprayed onto the affected area by skilled technicians and in a matter of days the surface will begin to change into the beautiful native patina of the surrounding areas.


Natural Patina is a mineral product that when used by trained applicators can hide all rock scaring created by construction activities.









Natural Patina - solid surface color mitigation (Rock and Concrete surfaces)

Erosion control is mandated by local and federal agencies.  We have extensive experience in managing federally mandated consent decree programs by the EPA.  This experience has heightened our awareness of the “Zero Tolerance” management style that we take to heart and is part of our “Customer 1st” business philosophy.  Our success of “Zero Violations” management style bodes well for our clients and their desire to manage this aspect without incident.


SWR Construction prides itself in its current partnerships with local SWPPP engineers.  Management and consulting of BMP’s are the bases and strength of this offered service and will continue to be a central point of our business.  We excel in acquisition cost reduction and installation efficiencies to give the best service to our clients at the absolute best cost possible.


Earth-Plaster is an environmentally sensitive BFM that will allow us to control sediment along with the ability to apply seed and color mitigation at the same time.











Erosion Control

Re-vegetation on many regions is represented by seeding and BFM to tie the seed to the soil until germination. However re-vegetation can have an immediate impact with the salvage and installation of native plants.  This recreation of the native habitats along with the installation of Natural Patina can recreate the Mojave Desert habitat.  The cost of this service is always less expensive than the cost of conventional landscaping and includes a plant establishment maintenance period to maximize survivorship rates in the native recreation areas.


Ideally construction zones will be harvested and all plants to be used in re-vegetation will be maintained in onsite nurseries.   The maintenance of this nursery is critical to the success of the reestablishment of the habitat community.  Many species can be dependent one another in their micro habitats and will need to be planted back in the same fashion to give the highest possible success rate.  Restorations include an artful recreation of onsite drainage, surface pavement, wash banks and native plant micro habitats.


Our experience in re-vegetation produces outstanding results, where other firms fall far short.  We can routinely guarantee a survival rate of 80% and often exceed 90% based on species mix, within the re-vegetation.  The difference in experience and technique can be a difference of 60% to 70% in survivorship.  Our experienced survival rates make this a very cost-effective approach. Re-vegetation can also include seed to re-establish the ground bank along with the use of Natural Patina to reestablish the native desert varnish of the disturbed rock in the area.  Habitat restoration reduces the site disturbance and in many cases the need for additionally mandated mitigation.


We pride ourselves on our vast experience over the last decade of desert habitat restoration within master plan developments, large scale transmission jobs and public work projects.  As one of the most experienced Mojave Desert restoration companies in the west, Natural Earth Restoration work is tough to compare to others in the restoration field.














Corrugated plastic tree guards are reusable and weather resistant. The color of the guard will allow important sunlight to penetrate and help the plants to grow along with helping control weather to protect the sensitive young plants.







  • Silt Fence
  • Wattle
  • Rock Bags
  • Erosion Control Blanket
  • Surfactants
  • Flocculants






Natural Patina contrasts the surface of the area of applied.   Natural Patina grows richer with time and will not fade like most stains.  Color will differ based on application rates from light tan to almost black.







  • Transmission Lines
  • Site Specific Mandated Mitigation
  • Abandoned Mine
  • Road Decommissioning
  • Required Habitat Restoration
  • Nursery Maintenance







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